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Lori is scheduled to meet Dr. Lieberman today at 1:00 PM.

Lori's weekend seemed pretty much the usual thing - just a little more restrained. Her friend, Ashley Devling slept over on Friday night and was a constant companion through Sunday - until she just had to break away to complete a 4-page history paper. Christa Howard and Jonathan McCaffrey came over to visit Lori and she conversed with friends on the instant messenger.

There are many folks - young and older - that are praying for her - for this family knows this to be true.

Post Date: December 6, 2004 at 8:30 AM CST; 1430 GMT


3 or 4 weeks ago Lori was hospitalized with upper respiratory infection - that was believed to have evolved into pneumonia.

She missed about a week's worth of school before feeling able to attend.

For the Thanksgiving break she drove home to Dallas from Lubbock, Texas. Jackie and I noticed that her strength was still lacking. We spent much of our time with her doing what she really enjoys - eating out and watching movies.

Upon her return trip back she followed another school mate friend - Ashley Devling (and another friend) - from First Baptist Academy, downtown Dallas, where Lori attended elementary and high school. In fact, 8 or 9 of her fellow school mates from this academy elected to go to Lubbock to school - so she has quite a few long-term friends in Lubbock (as well as Jackie's mother - Billie Becknal; her brother - Mike Becknal, his wife, Jamie, and the youngest of their two daughters - Katie; their oldest daughter lives here in Dallas). After about 3 hours of driving (when they reached Abilene) Lori was not feeling up to the rest of the drive (3 more hours) and one of her friends drove her car on to Lubbock.

Anyway, Lori reported to us that her side was hurting her - and, Jackie had her admitted to the hospital for tests.

As it turned out - Lori has a cancerous mass in her abdomen area. It's fairly large with a section that seems to be surrounding a main artery. After doing computed tomography imaging ("CT Imaging" http://www.radiologyinfo.org/content/ct_of_the_body.htm) and following that up with magnetic resonance imaging ("MRI Imaging" http://www.radiologyinfo.org/content/mr_of_the_body.htm) in the late evening of Wednesday, December 1st - they concluded that this mass is indeed serious and it will need to be extracted ASAP. However, this mass has not just developed in a matter of weeks - but, has been there for some time. In addition this mass was pushing against one of her lungs which gave the indication that the collapsed lung was pneumonia.

Up until Wednesday evening Lori had been relatively resistant to the idea of returning to Dallas - away from her friends. In fact all of them visited her at the hosptial; but after a long talk with Jackie Wednesday evening she succumbed to agreeing with whatever Jackie and I felt was in her best interest for treatment.

Since our home is in Dallas and Baylor University Medical Center has an excellent cancer unit, obviously we chose to transport Lori back home to Dallas.

The doctors and nurses at Covenant Hospital in Lubbock were very supportive (according to Jackie - since I remained in Dallas with our youngest child - Evan) of our need to get Lori back home so that the entire family could be together and we are most grateful for their kind assistance.

It is my understanding that Lori's lead oncologist/surgeon (cancer specialist) will be Zelig H. Lieberman, MD. To view a tribute to Dr. Lieberman that summarizes his outstanding career and association with Baylor University Medical Center please go here. http://www.baylorhealth.com/Proceedings/11_4/11_4_lieberman.html

Lori, Jackie, and Ashley Devling will fly Southwest Airlines from Lubbock to Love Field, Dallas this afternoon. Lori will stay home over the weekend and has an appointment scheduled with Dr. Lieberman for Monday, December 6th.

Post Date: December 3, 2004 at 8:35 AM CST; 1435 GMT