From: Larry Blakeley []
Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2007 7:42 AM
To: 'Savannah Eklund'
Subject: Your Post to Lori's Guestbook

Hi, Savannah.

Thanks for the post to Lori’s Web site. In some sort of way it just seems to add some closure to have friends of hers leave her a message for others to know that she is dearly missed.

I will eventually find your note. We moved since I received it and it is most probably in a box somewhere. It bothered me not to be able to find it and put it on Lori’s Web site. Surely it will show up sometime. It was such a sweet note and described Lori’s openness to creating new friendships. It was just like her to welcome newcomers into her heart.

A short story for you. We gave a birthday/pool party for her years ago before she entered FBA (First Baptist Academy). She must have been in the 6th grade. She sent out invitations to the most popular girls in her class. We had hotdogs, drinks, and so forth set out for the party next to the pool. Well, as it turned out, none of them came. For what reasons, I don’t know. They were pretty active in events – competitive cheerleading, golf, etc., so they were probably tied up that Saturday. However, 1 playmate of Lori’s did show. Her name was Jessica. She lived in our neighborhood. Lori played with her often, but I would guess she was most probably not one of the most popular girls. At first my heart was saddened for Lori, but upon observing how she reacted I came to realize 1 friend was all she needed to have a great time. That’s just how she was and remained as she became older.

When the both of you crossed paths, that’s all she needed – just to be friends with this new encountered. Your note reminded me of that about Lori. It was just like her.

Love to you on behalf of Lori and her family. PostSmile!

Her father, Larry.

(Note: The song lyrics, "Young Emotions," by Ricky Nelson undoubtedly captures the spirit of the first encounters with Lori described by Stephanie Chavarie and Savannah Eklund in their letters at the Web page here.