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Hi, my name is Lori Ann Blakeley.

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May 12, 2003

Dear Lori,

My how the years have flown by. I do not believe that you will be a senior and graduate next year. I hope that your will have an exciting college and young adult life complete with warm memories of friendships and new experiences. I also pray for your continued good judgement as you face the trials and peer pressures that you will be faced with. Working with children, I know that these pressures have increased. I feel so fortunate that you have always made good decisions and have selected friends that share your values and beliefs. You have been easy to raise compared to what I see and hear about in my school district.

I am sure next year will fly by as the others have. There will be so many events and programs to do. It will be an exciting and busy time for both of us. It will also be a very special year as you make college plans and career choices. Remember I will be there to help you as needed with those decisions.

I wanted to take this time to tell you how special you are to me. You have grown into a loving and compassionate young woman. When I look at you, I feel such pride and love. I recall memories of you when you were small and petite and through the middle school years when your strengths began to show. You were so brave when you broke your arm and were faced with the pain and fear of surgery. The character and strength you showed during that time and through your recovery was when I first realized it. The dedication and hard work showed when you were learning basketball, softball and especially with your gymnastics revealed your true character. I have such pride when seeing you perform at games and pep rallies. Through it all your love and compassion for others shows in all that you do.

I am also proud for your efforts with your academics. You have matured and grown so much during high school. You realized how important your grades were and worked hard to raise your GPA. It makes me hopeful that Evan will realize it too as he matures. You have been a wonderful role model for him.

Lori, you are wise beyond your years in so many ways, the most important being your faith and relationship with God. Keeping Him first in your life, loving and serving Him will bring you true fulfillment. Choosing friends who share those beliefs and staying away from those who do not will help you keep to that path.

Most of all, Lori, I want you to know how much I love you. I have watched you grow into a beautiful person on the inside as well as outside. I realize what a blessing it is to have you as a daughter. When I see you, I am reminded of the love, compassion and gentleness that show to others.

Love always,