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Hi, my name is Lori Ann Blakeley.

Welcome to my Web site developed and maintained on my behalf by my father, Larry Blakeley.

My father also manages the following Web sites:

Larry Blakeley

Major Roy James Blakeley (USAF - KIA) (December 10, 1928 - July 22, 1965) - my grandfather

Leslie Blakeley Adkins - my older sister

Evan Blakeley- my younger brother 

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Long term goals

1. After I get through with my college education I will want to be able to travel some and see the world. I think that by traveling I will expand my cultural knowledge and also provide a respect for other cultures as well.

Short term

a. I need to get a good education and a well-paying job so I can save enough money to go where I would like to go.

b. I want to get my teaching degree so then I can have my summer free to travel and go on vacation.

c. I need to study a lot to get good grades and to just keep them up so I will be able to transfer to Tech.

2. The second thing that I would like to do is teach either in a high school or become a professor at a university. I want to teach a high level math of some kind but I am leaning toward teaching a high school level calculus class.

Short term

a. I need to graduate from college with my teaching degree and in order to do that I need to plan out my day and decide when I should study and then stick to it.

b. I need to show up to class on time and pay attention and not slack off. I have a way of being in class but not really listening so I need to break this habit.

c. I need to be able to not be as shy so when I teach a class I wouldn't feel out of place. For some reason I will be so shy when I meet new people so I need to be able to feel comfortable with these new people that I meet.

3. I want to provide a nice living for my family and allow them to go to school wherever they would like to go. I don't want my husband to be the only one that brings in money to the household.

Short term

a. I need to get used to bringing in money and supporting myself so I will be able to help support my children also.

b. I need to graduate from Tech with a teaching degree so I will not rely on my husband.

c. I need to be able to create good study skills so I can become the person I would want to be.